Services & Programs

Affordable Housing Loans

Affordable housing is a primary emphasis for the CLH Foundation. We fund loans and provide support of affordable housing for low-income families with children, people with developmental disabilities, and those with chronic mental illness, and mobility and hearing impairments.

Charitable Care for Seniors

The CLH Foundation makes life-enhancing benefits and offers programs to seniors in need. We assist those facing financial hardship so they can continue to enjoy the security and comfort of their home in Foundation-sponsored legacy retirement communities.

The CLH Foundation is also partnering with a Los Angeles based nonprofit to develop affordable housing in the heart of the city. The Foundation purchased a property in Santa Barbara to eventually increase the number of affordable housing units at Grace Village.

Congregational Consultation

If you have a project that needs pre-development, bridge, or construction funding, contact the CLH Foundation by phone or email early in the development phase. Our process includes reviewing the initial concept and financial need, a due diligence review and site visit prior to approval by the CLH Foundation Board. Please note that no unsolicited loan applications will be accepted. Contact the CLH Foundation by phone or email early in its development at 1-800-233-3709 or

Property Ownership for Former Foster Youth

The CLH Foundation owns several properties that it provides to organizations supporting former foster youth. The Foundation rents these properties to our partners for $10/month, providing office space and apartments for former foster youth starting out on their own. Our partnership with the Biddy Mason Charitable Foundation and OC United provides low-cost housing to young women and their families who have aged out of the foster care system. The Biddy Mason Charitable Foundation, a ministry of First African Methodist Episcopal (FAME) Church, Los Angeles, provides resources for current and former foster youth, and housing for emancipated young women enrolled in local colleges and universities. OC United manages low-cost housing and wrap-around services to young women and their families who have aged out of the foster system.

Living the Resurrection

The CLH Foundation sponsors a joint program with  Living the Resurrection, a congregational vitality program of the ELCA committed to helping congregations thrive. The program offers workshops designed to motivate constructive change. The CLH Foundation’s funding provides Living the Resurrection programming for the Pacifica and Southwest California Synods, ELCA. Any church from across the country can attend the workshops online.

Property Ownership

CLH rents its properties to nonprofits for $10 a month so organizations can have office and programming space, and housing. It currently provides properties to the Biddy Mason Foundation and OC United.