Fulfilling our mission is only possible through partnerships with congregations, community-based organizations and local agencies, including:

“Without the support of the California Lutheran Homes, the $18 million FHA insured loan package which went to HUD would not have happened. Your organization provided up to $500,000 for pre-development work. Those funds were able to pay a $71,000 deposit for design work and more. … Again, thank you and the California Lutheran Homes for permitting this team to move forward, and thank your team for being so helpful. We will not forget it.”

— Noel Sweitzer, Hollywood West 

Hollywood West Tenant Action Committee, Los Angeles

Providing housing options for low-income families and individuals.

OC United

OC United provides resources and support for those who have intersected with the foster care system through a two program approach. Our RESPITE Program provides resources, education, and support to caregivers and interventions for trauma-sensitive environments. Our THRIVE Program provides housing, community, and support for former-foster and at-risk youth. CLH provides a property which is leased to OC United for $10/month. The four-plex unit can house up to 20 former foster youth and their families.

The Biddy Mason Charitable Foundation

The Biddy Mason Charitable Foundation provides quality services and support to current and former foster youth through innovative programs and collaborative initiatives with community partners. CLH provides a property which is leased to BMCF for $10/month.


HomeAid provides safe and dignified housing and programmatic facilities for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. CLH partnered with HomeAid on both the OC United Thrive Quad and the Biddy Mason Charitable Foundation development.

Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara provides safe, decent, and quality affordable housing and supportive services to eligible persons with limited incomes. HASB promotes self-sufficiency and neighborhood revitalization. CLH provided pre-development funding for Johnson Court and Grace Village.

Living the Resurrection

Living the Resurrection is committed to helping congregations thrive, offering programs designed to motivate constructive change. CLH funds this congregational vitality program for the Pacifica and Southwest California Synods, ELCA.

Lutheran Services in America

CLH is a member of Lutheran Services in America, a not-for-profit corporation that coordinates the work of more than 300 independent Lutheran health and human service organizations affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County

NHS strengthens communities by developing and maintaining quality affordable housing, creating and preserving affordable homeownership opportunities, supporting local leaders, providing financial education and increasing the financial independence of families and people in need. CLh provided a pre-development loan for the Manchester Urban property.

Pacifica Synod, ELCA

The geographic area of the Pacifica Synod includes the state of Hawaii and portions of Southern California, including the counties of Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial, and part of Los Angeles County. The number of ELCA congregations in the Pacifica Synod is currently 110, comprised of nearly 25,139 baptized members.

Southwest Synod, ELCA

The geographic area of the Southwest California Synod includes all or portions of Kern, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. The number of ELCA congregations in the Southwest California Synod is currently 100.

Front Porch

A not-for-profit family of communities and partnerships, Front Porch offers exceptional service at its senior living, adult living, and affordable housing communities.

Caring Housing Ministries

Part of Front Porch, CARING Housing Ministries provides effective management and a committed staff with a powerful network of partners to deliver its unique brand of heartfelt housing options. CLH granted pre-development loans for many affordable housing projects.